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I used to think that only ABC, Starz, Fox, Showtime and HBO channels show really worthwhile and legendary projects, but now I have a little-known CBS, which shows this series. Bruno Heller is the "father" of this project. He prefers to work in the genres of drama and thriller, and it is worth admitting that he is really considered a master of his craft. Personally for me "The Mentalist" is not only the best series in its subject matter, but also the best at all. Looking at a single film crew, we can conclude that a very large number of people have worked on series, but in contrast to many projects there is no dissociation of episodes, everything goes on its own narrative. It is possible to get attached to the characters somewhere since the fifth series, as the specificity inherent in it, repels many people. The whole series is impregnated with tragedies and drama associated with the past of the protagonist, which from series to series is becoming increasingly understandable to the viewer, and he is already beginning to worry and feel compassion for him.

The plot of the series is not simple. It is easier to start with the goal. Being a famous psychic, causing the dead spirits and having magical tricks, Patrick Jane somehow insulted one serial killer - Red John, on which the latter killed his family ... As a consequence of this, Patrick has changed, he became a completely different nature of man, he did not long for fame, money, he wanted only one thing - to find the murderer of his wife and child. After psychological treatment, he was put on his feet, and Jane took up his goal, which he had set for himself after the tragedy. He devoted everything new to his work at CBI: having fun, working and sleeping in the attic. This place became his home, and the officers became his family, and his work assignments were his warm-up. He began to socialize in this area and quietly collected information and new information about the CD. Although he held on well after what had happened, he showed his inner contempt, anger, and pain at the end of the day, when he went to bed, where a bloody smiley was drawn over the bed. This symbol he keeps until now as a sign that justice has not yet been done. And every time Patrick's face is shown, you can see that he is sad and confused. The series about Red John is not enough, and they can be counted on their fingers, but they are so realistic and strong in terms of emotionality that the viewer can only clench his fists every time for Jane's success. He follows in the footsteps of his enemy, and he lets him play his game, which will be a lot of obstacles, puzzles, victims, personal costs, but the main character clearly realizes and shows the viewer that he became an addict, an addict to catch the evil enemy.

- I can make one call and your career ends.
- Impressive. I only order pizza on the phone. ©

There are five heroes on the CBI team. Teresa Lisbon is a hell of a charming boss called a senior agent. She became Patrick's sister, who often helps him out of all sorts of trouble and does not let him do anything stupid. She leads her group well on special assignments, and I can't understand why they don't give her a promotion to the head of the department. Lisbon is really worried about Patrick so that the viewer will sometimes feel a connection between them and think that they are in love with each other. Kimball Cho is a talkative and hardworking Korean who knows what he is doing and does it all with the utmost punctuality and principles of life. His words sometimes cause wild rust because of his calm appearance and reaction to some things. Wayne Rigsby is a smart enough but not yet mature man. Loved, easy on the mind and heavy on the actions of a special agent causes laughter with his pranks. And lastly, Grace Van Pelt is a beautiful girl who does her job well, with her own manners and good character. This group of special agents investigates the murders every week, although in the show we see that all of them do Patrick. Once again, each case is officially solved with all the official interrogations and negotiations that follow in 2-3 weeks, and thanks to Jane, a consultant, everything is solved in a few days. That's why he's a consultant! Many reproach the helplessness of special agents. But why blame them when they do everything by the rules while Patrick Jane follows his instincts, intuition, logic and sometimes breaks the official rules, and sometimes crosses the line of prohibition and makes justice himself, but his skills and strong arguments help get away with it.

Humor here and there is black, in some places ordinary, but it is really funny, because as much as the viewer gets attached to the heroes, the degree of laughter increases. On the first episodes it may seem that Jane is a real psychic, but in time he reveals his secrets, and the beholder will not be so much surprised by his surprises as admire him himself.

I can tell you why the show is not as high a rating as I would like. One story line, which is based on the unknown personality of the main villain. Imagine when the writers show his face and read out his name, the project will not have such a great interest, because many will run into the spoilers, where one name can already reveal the main intrigue. 

Simon Baker is my favorite actor in the series. To his character I became attached quickly, and so in the hard series, I really felt helpless, as well as Patrick. His very strong emotional game showed me the standard of drama, his expression and facial expressions made me admire his character, and his clothes of the same type emphasized the intellectual nature. All the other main characters on the show, such as Robin Tanny, Tim Keng, Owain Yoman, Amanda Ridgetti, played great. Thanks to them, the viewer was fully imbued with incandescence of passion. 

- Oh, good business.
- Is it good?
- Well... Interesting, unique...
- If you're a jaded and disgusting adventurer.
- Filthy? Look, if people kill each other and we catch them, I'd rather they kill each other in a more original way. ©

Based on the above, we can conclude that this TV series is the best in its genre, and personally it is the best for me. In this series, everything is realistic: the game characters, their emotions, expressions, cases, murders. Humor here is more about sarcasm, which is fun to watch and so on and not to convey it in words, because you must see. The very story of his family's murder cannot but cause compassion, and the mystery of the personality of the CD does not give me peace either. Thanks to this series you can learn some tricks, psychological manners and many things. This is the best series!
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- Oh, good business. - Is it good? - Well... Interesting, unique... - If you're a jaded and disgusting adventurer. - Filthy? Look, if people kill each other and we catch them, I'd rather they kill each other in a more original way. ©