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Action 1 of the season unfolds in the near future (November 2019) in the small German town of Weiden, where only the nuclear power plant and the cave next to it, in the woods, are among the "attractions". At night, a group of teenagers go to the cave, and the younger brother of one of them gets in touch with them. Something incomprehensible is happening, everyone rushes around, and when they meet up afterwards, they find that they have lost something small. The next day, the corpse of a boy of about the same age is found in the woods, with burnt eyes, in the clothes of the 1980s, with a player with music of the 80s and pfenning of 1986 coins. But the catch is not a missing child last night...

Later on, you'll be moved through time, paradoxes associated with it, and the unexpected main villain...

Separately, about the comparison with the series "Very strange things": it did not seem to me that they are similar. Yes, a small town in the 1980s, involving children aged 10-12, passages between worlds, etc. - but the atmosphere (and ideas) are different. OSD - not in tension (to be more exact, it kept unexpected turns of the plot, but I did not worry about the fate of the four heroes absolutely, at once there was a strong feeling that everything would be fine with them), and here it is felt that the writers can easily let someone go without thinking about it. And "Darkness" is much more severe, there is no humor inherent in the OSD.

What I liked (decided briefly, so as not to spoiler too much):

- Interesting idea.

- Atmosphere. Filmed very qualitatively, slow, "heavy" landscapes, the atmosphere of fear is pumped up gradually, but unstoppably.

- Music (I will separately note the main theme of Apparat - Goodbye (good mPulse Remix) listened many times).

- Selection of actors and their game. Actors who play the same person at different ages are similar, and play at a good level.

Which I didn't like (I'll write more here, but it doesn't mean that the disadvantages of the show outweigh it):

- The complexity (not the twist!) of the plot: although we are formally shown 4 families (Canvalds, Nielsen, Dopplers and Tiedemann) and a dozen other characters, because of the loops of time and the inevitable paradoxes associated with it (what if you kill your grandfather when you go back in time?) remember whose father-son-grandson-grandson-mother and who was/will be 33-66 years ago/forward is not easy (not easier than solving Einstein's riddle in my mind; I eventually drew schemes on paper).

- In fact, Season 1 is a prologue, a puzzle. It is impossible to watch it as a separate "work" (for example, as "A real detective", where every season is over, and looking at the 1st, it is not necessary to look at the 2nd one) - a lot of questions remain unanswered, the motives of the main "villain" are not clear at all (vague phrases such as "I am for good and light, though I am forced to act in dark methods (it is he about the murders of 10-12-year-old children), I was not very impressed).

- Some improbability in details. With the "big" assumption about the reality of the temporal anomaly, the explanation of its existence in the spirit of "well, there cesium-137 caused a thickening of matter and so there appeared a black hole in which there is a wormhole, which is a tunnel not in space, but in time" did not satisfy me.скачать dle 11.3
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Quality: HD
Year: 2017
Country:Germany, USA
Genre: Thriller
Producer: Baran bo Odar
Scenario: Baran bo Odar
Into the role:Louis Hofmann
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