Breaking Bad

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A lot of people award this show the title of "Best show". I confess, to some extent it is justified. It is difficult to say whether this series jumps over projects such as "Sherlock" or "Stay Alive". But the fact that it is on the same level with them - it is clear.

The strongest part of the series - the plot. It is incomparable. That's just the Golden Globe, let's do it! The series tells the story of two diametrically different personalities - an elderly chemistry teacher named Walter White and his former student, now a loafer and drug addict Jesse Pinkman. History is really fascinating - Walter is just a teacher who loves his subject, trying to convey the depth of chemistry and genius of our universe to children. He has to work as a teacher, and after lessons as a car washer (where my convertibles are for my own students), and all for the sake of somehow paying for the house and supporting my wife and my son, who has cerebral palsy.

In addition to all the hardships of life, he also has cancer. He understands that he will soon die and his family will simply be left without means of subsistence. Taking care of his family, even if it is for the best of his abilities, pushes him onto a dangerous path - he starts to cook meth. Unlike street kids, he's like a chemistry professor, doing the best and most quality drug in the state. This launches a chain of dramatic, heavy and simultaneously strong events that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The series perfectly reveals what a person can turn into. From a timid chemistry teacher, Walter turns into a methamphetamine king, a cold-blooded criminal who thinks of all his actions one step ahead and makes such terrible yet clever plans that his change is being watched with his eyes open.

I'd like to talk a lot more about the story, but believe me, it's better to look at it yourself. The second half of season 5, I was looking with my eyes open and literally sitting with my mouth open, seeing the turns of the plot.

A lot of the series also realized thanks to the acting game - Brian Cranston, who performed the main role, above all praise. You can applaud standing up to this skill. All other actors also played excellent, without exception. There's nothing to complain about...

Result: clearly recommended for viewing. Shocking, surprising, puts deep thoughts into our heads. A series with an idea, thought, atmosphere and meaning.скачать dle 11.3
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Breaking Bad
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Quality: HD
Year: 2008-2013
Country:United States
Genre: Thriller
Producer: Michelle MacLaren
Scenario: Vince Gilligan
Into the role:Bryan Cranston
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