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"The Bodyguard is an English series produced under the wing of the famous streaming giant Netflix. The story in the series unfolds in our time, and the issues raised concerns the notorious, oscillating terrorism. It would seem that the series and films on this subject comes out so much that "The Guardian" could easily get lost in the masses, but ... This series saves two things: the protagonist and plot twists, which are in the series an outrageous number.

The main character of the series, a former veteran of the war in Afghanistan, and now sergeant of the London police from the department of diplomatic escorts, David Budd. After the terrorist incident, Budd was promoted and appointed the Minister of the Interior's personal security chief. In other words, the main character is the bodyguard of one of the state's top officials.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, whose role was performed by Sophie Randle, lobbies for a new bill allowing intelligence agencies to listen to ordinary people without special permission. In this regard, it is hit by a huge flurry of criticism, and the number of enemies both in Parliament and outside the Westminster Cloisters - growing with each new statement in the media.

Constant threats of attack, set-ups from colleagues, all this makes the main character involuntary accomplice to political games. All in the spirit of Jan Fleming and Le Carré, whose works cannot be trusted by anyone but the protagonist. Gift that the performer of the lead role, Richard Madden, wanted to approve the new James Bond.

Speaking of Madden, many forgot about his existence after the "Game of Thrones", because the actor is clearly not lucky with the roles. Yes, he appeared in medium-sized films and the same rank series, but they clearly did not deserve the attention of the audience. The "Bodyguard" also gave Richard a chance to show himself, which he did well, and for what he received the "Golden Globe".

The image of the veteran, who lost his family due to his constant absence from the country and had to guard the person who sent him to war - definitely succeeded. English School of Acting clearly did not pass Madden and his game, even with a note of the theatricality, inherent in all English actors, a wonderful proof of that.

The result. "Bodyguard" - this is the brightest example of quality English series. In some places it may be monotonous, such a distinctive feature of the projects from the banks of the foggy Albion, but believe me, by the middle of the season you just can not break away from what is happening on the screen. Situational tension in this project is so strong, so competently prescribed and put, that only have time to swallow the series one by one.

Give the series a chance you like and he, in response to your attempt, will respond with an unprecedented flurry of emotions.скачать dle 11.3
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Quality: HD
Year: 2018
Country:United Kingdom
Genre: Thriller
Producer: John Strickland
Scenario: Jed Mercurio
Into the role:Richard Madden
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