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It's a sci-fi thriller and a detective who's getting deeper into the final drama. The protagonist aims to prevent the murder of President Kennedy, while trying to solve the underlying causes of this crime. As a result, there is a strong detective intrigue, holding attention and interest until the finale. In general, the narrative is quite dynamic, except for a slight sag in the middle.

This is a historical excursion to America in the 1960s. The authors brilliantly recreated the atmosphere and transmitted the spirit of that time. The decorations, costumes and furnishings are all made in the best traditions of retro style. At the same time we are introduced to the principles and customs of that historical period. For some reason, I liked the intro screen saver with a very interesting melody. The last series came out the strongest and most emotional, and made a strong impression. It was a real drama that touched me for being alive.

From the downsides, I'd like to point out the caricature of some of the characters, especially at the sight of Lee Harvey Oswald. Too biased he is shown. Melodramatic inserts with the participation of minor characters also caused irritation by their inappropriateness. And the authors did not have the courage to come up with a more interesting version of the events, and to twist the plot more strongly.

I never considered James Franco an outstanding actor. Sometimes he irritated me. But I've changed my mind lately. I can say with confidence that this role he was fully successful and can be considered one of the best in the career. The character of the hero, the inner dilemmas faced by his character in exactly transferred to the viewer. I liked very much the charming and cute Sarah Gadon, which I had never noticed before. She managed to fully reveal the character of her character. The love line of the heroes looks very convincing. As always, good Chris Cooper, who created a strong dramatic image, despite the small amount of screen time.

11.22.63 is a great example of successful screening of the work of the cult writer Stephen King. Intriguing, exciting, dynamic mini-series, competently combines a sharp thriller-detective with a deep human drama.
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Quality: HD
Year: 2016
Country:United States
Genre: Thriller
Producer: Bridget Carpenter
Scenario: Stephen King
Into the role:James Franco
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8 August 2019 14:38
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Steven King's screenings have always been something special to me. His way of serving the supernatural was always bearing fruit. Usually his stories make me shake, and the next turn of the story makes me nervously chew my nails. This time, King not only made me feel stressed, but he was also able to touch me to the bottom of my heart. Jake Epping was a schoolteacher. He's been doing a lot of routine lately. With his wife divorced, the students do not put in the center, and in general ... And then another friend offers through the closet in his diner to go to the 60 th year and save Kennedy. Well, how to stay here. Although the description turned out to be a little ironic, in fact everything is much more serious. 11.22.63 is something! Of course, neither "Something", John Carpenter, which ate everyone in the godforsaken Antarctica. And something amazing. A small series, where every episode, as if the whole excursion in the 60s. Beautiful blonde ladies in cute dresses. Gentlemen in strict suits with a mandatory hat. Vintage cars with folding top. And, of course, drive blues on the streets of provincial towns of America. But let's not forget what we are here for. Beauties and cars are good, of course, but that's not all. Where is King, who is pinching his nerves? And here begins the most delicious thing. Time travel is always exciting. And in our case, it's also a damn dangerous thing with its whims and rules. The authors of the series skillfully play with the concept of "time". They embody antagonism as a property of the "past", making it a living being on the way to the goal of the main characters. The past rests on it, it does not want to change - perhaps, the main trick of the picture. It attracts from the strangeness of habit. The very fact that the universe itself already attracts interest against us. And then there's the "King of Horrors" in addition, trying to whisper in your ear something sinister in the pitch black. The plot coordinated with the work of the actors sets the same rhythm, creating a gloomy atmosphere, diluted with the emotions of the characters. Eternally gloomy and smiling James Franco said worthy to embody a serious role. And I couldn't help falling in love with the lovely Sadie (Sarah Gadon). In many scenes, you envy them frankly, feeling their warmth, to each other. Actually, it is difficult to remain indifferent to any of the characters. Wilful, each with his own story, read in the eyes of the actors. After watching the story settles firmly in the head. The feeling of presence continues to create new images, and the importance of what is seen changes the perception of reality.