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For me, it was a long-awaited show because I am a fan of J.J. Abrams, especially in the field of TV shows. If you see his name in the credits, you'll find a lot of interesting riddles, amazing things and unexpected turns. Anyway, that's how the first videos were threatened.

The reality, as always, turned out to be much more prosaic and a great idea turned into a common one. Well, when someone disappears, it always arouses genuine interest, you're looking forward to the riddles. The writers of the new series wanted to play on it, but it turned out somehow wrong. There was an impression that all this was already somewhere, at least in the series "4400".

But, according to the development of the plot, stretched the branded game of Abramas - to puzzle the viewer with a bunch of riddles, to make you think, while rewinding back in time, as in Lost leading a parallel line of narration. The first in our time, the second in 1960, not long before the disappearance of people from prison. And it's all even more confusing because it's not clear at all, how did they overcome the time barrier?

Honestly, I had some déjà vu when I was watching it, because sometimes I thought I was watching another episode of Fringe, and even the music was similar. It's a Granny-style action "runaway," like in Granny, a way to investigate. And also... A blonde woman working in a special FBI unit with a civilian eccentric assistant under the direction of a strict boss who hides some of the details from her... reminds me of nothing? (Fringe?)

As a result, we have a strong hybrid of Lost (Stay Alive) and Fringe (Fringe, Beyond), of course with a weak plot, but no less mysterious.скачать dle 11.3
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Quality: HD
Year: 2012
Country:United States
Genre: Sci-Fi
Producer: Jack Bender
Scenario: Steven Lilien
Into the role:Sarah Jones
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