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If someone had told me three years ago that I would have loved a series called "Anatomy of Passion" madly (Anatomy Grey sounds better after all) - I wouldn't believe it. I've never been "sick" with medical subjects. I did not know anyone from the cast, and the description of the series did not cause me a desire to watch it.

I met with the series is extremely stupid. I have a game on the phone based on the series. At the time, I was just in summer camp, and in my spare time it quickly passed. And then I decided that as soon as I got home, I downloaded my first season first.

I downloaded it. I looked at it. I fell in love. As a result, I looked at all six seasons that have been released so far and I'm waiting for the seventh season.

Surprisingly, in Anatomy Grey I am not annoyed by any hero. They're all so different, but so dear and beloved. At first, though, I didn't like Lexi, but now she's one of my favorite heroines.

The soundtrack is well chosen. I can't say that all the songs are for my taste, but I always download it, and a few of the songs I love, I know thanks to Anatomy.

Everything happens in Seattle Grace: love, hate, life, death.

The fact that the main action takes place in the hospital allows the creators to use the theme of life and death extensively. But this is not the only question that comes up in the show. Here and the problem of choice, and the problem of fathers and children, and relationships, both friendly and romantic. In Grey's Anatomy, there is an incredible abundance of wise thoughts, especially at the beginning and end of each series. Anatomy can be easily disassembled into quotations. At least start a separate notebook, but write it down.

The series as if brings up you. Perhaps even makes better. And the "tear-squeezing" scenes, on which the creators are not stingy, as if purify you. If you know what I mean.

I want to say separately about the season finals - they are incredible, exciting, emotional. The finals of the second, third, fifth and sixth seasons are especially memorable. I think we need to applaud Shande Rimes standing up.

"Your life is what is happening today. Now. Here it is. Here. Before you know it, it will pass. Did you say that? I love you. I don't want to live without you. You have changed my life. Did you say that? Make plans, pick goals, go to them, but from time to time, look around. Take life as a whole because it's here and now. Tomorrow it may not be there ©

Here she is, in my opinion, one of the most important thoughts. What Anatomy teaches.

Life is short.

And the series even presents us with illustrative examples.

10 out of 10

For making me feel so emotional. For crying, laughing and rejoicing with the heroes. For loving Anatomy.скачать dle 11.3
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Grey's Anatomy
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Year: 2005
Country:United States
Genre: Melodrama
Producer: Rob Corn
Scenario: Shonda Rhimes
Into the role:Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr.
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