Beverly Hills, 90210

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Beautiful time.

I wonder how many girls, or maybe even guys, remember this show with the same light sadness and nostalgia? I remember it was a wonderful time when I knew that I would finish my homework and watch this wonderful show.

Yes, Beverly Hills has raised the level of all the shows, it doesn't have those naive stamps of Mexican shows, but one of the first to raise social issues - drug and alcohol use, the issue of homelessness, political correctness towards African Americans and many other moral issues.

However, I understand all this now, and then I was very worried about Kelly-Dylan-Brenda's love triangle, whether David would stay with Donna... Their way of growing up - university-work school - is well shown, I was worried and happy for them at every stage.

And, of course, the neighborhood itself - Beverly Hills, the most chic neighborhood in the U.S. - is a beautiful life of beautiful people - which is also nice to look at.

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Beverly Hills, 90210
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Quality: HD
Year: 1990 - 2000
Country:United States
Genre: Melodrama
Producer: Daniel Attias
Scenario: Darren Star
Into the role:Jennie Garth
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