13 Reasons Why

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The series, based on Jay Escher's "13 reasons why" (a well-known company called Netflix), tells the story of a suicide girl who recorded 13 cassettes before she killed herself. She gave 13 reasons why she did this.

The main character Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) is an extremely impressionable young man. He's one of those people you empathize with throughout the show. With him, you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the show. He wants to believe. To believe that he is so correct, reasonable, trying to deal with everything, to talk to everyone. He avoids disputes and conflicts. He prefers to solve disputes by means of conversations rather than fists. It is with him that we listen to mysterious tapes. After all, only after listening to the recordings, as promised, will we find out who actually killed the very girl who killed the very same girl who did it. The only thing I personally didn't understand was that he was involved in all the situations they touched him or not; he fell in lovely nose wherever he got there, but (!) when it came to his cassette... More precisely, it wasn't like that. WHEREAS it didn't come to his cassette.

The main character (the same girl who killed herself) is Hannah Baker (Catherine Langford) - a completely charming, sweet girl, not like the one who is capable of such a pretty bold and brave act. I'm not going to make a demagogy about suicide here. I will say only one thing: everyone has his own choice. And it is the right of every person. And the fact that she accused everyone and everyone of their seemingly minor problems is obvious. But we were all teenagers. And in those moments, just as it seemed to Hannah that those little things were those horrible, horrible, deadly, monstrous problems that would entail nothing but the end of the world. It's just that everyone is coping with it in their own way.

The series raises quite "curious" (if you can call them that) problems of modern society. In general, in my opinion, at least for this purpose is worth watching this series.

All other heroes cause rather ambiguous feelings... You love some, you hate others, you expect something from others that is impossible to expect. And absolutely every character is special. Everyone "felt" their hero. Because they are all people. Living people. With their emotions, fears, problems, with their pain in the end...

So who did kill Hannah Baker? The answer is pretty simple: they're all there.скачать dle 11.3
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13 Reasons Why
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Quality: HD
Year: 2017
Country:United States
Genre: Melodrama
Producer: Jessica Yu
Scenario: Brian Yorkey
Into the role:Dylan Minnette
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