The Collection

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To be honest, I started watching this show with a lot of skepticism and only for the sake of the beloved Richard Cole. I love this actor since the time of the beautiful comedy series "Love for six" and always regretted that he has no big and serious roles. But finally, and on my street turned over a truck with chocolate bars.

The hero Richard has got volume, ambiguous and capable to cause absolutely different emotions only for one series. The actor, it seems to me, coped with his task perfectly. Without kinks, without kinks. You empathize with his hero, and on the contrary you are angry with his decisions and actions. But you can't stay indifferent to him.

However, the other heroes are also registered for glory. You believe in their emotions, tragedies, feelings. And it's beautiful. Because in recent years, the creators of the series have sinned by the fact that they reveal only the main characters (and then not always), and the rest go only as extras. However, in "Collection" it is not so.

Here, too, is a powerful mother who fights between her love of children and her desire to continue her prosperous life in Paris. And the older brother, who is ready to do anything to keep the family fashion house, even to step over the members of his family. And the younger brother, who seems to have no success in his life, except that he draws incredible sketches. And a girl in love with this youngest son and ready to do a lot for her love. And the wife of her eldest son, who loves her husband but suspects that the main thing in their relationship is money and influence of her family. And there are also many bright characters who change their attitude from series to series.

In general, there will be a lot of intrigues, as well as riddles. And it makes it even sadder: although we were shown the trailer of the declared second season (promised in the summer of 2017), but everything stalled. I hope, however, the continuation will be, otherwise the final turned out to be crumpled and not opening on the fact of all the main family secrets and the fate of many characters. For this and remove the point. And so very atmospheric series with excellent cameraman's work and excellent actors.скачать dle 11.3
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The Collection
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Quality: HD
Year: 2016
Country:United Kingdom
Genre: Melodrama
Producer: Oliver Goldstick
Scenario: Maya Goldsmith
Into the role:Mamie Gummer
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