Blood Drive

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Even now, in 2017, when we have already seen and heard a lot of things, "Blood Race" has something to brag about and surprise the audience. What is it with "Ash" and "Nation Z", they are nervously smoking aside, lowering their heads. By the number of thrash, madness, sadism, violence, dismemberment and darkness, the new project from "SyFy" rushes far ahead, like that red muscle of a hot brunette, which roars with a powerful engine, spending not gasoline, but real human blood in liters, left behind clubs of dust and defeated enemies.

The "Blood Race" can be regarded as a kind of prequel - an assortment to the "Mad Max" with the notes of the "Death Race". Only crazier, cooler, more powerful, more courageous. To write such a scenario and, more importantly, to put such a show on the air, you need to have at least one of the two things - steel eggs, or a wrapped head. The authors of the show seem to have both. The idea belongs to James Roland, as we are reminded in the credits before each episode. And this person definitely has a fantasy with everything in complete disarray, which is a find for the genre. The film is full of idiocy, meat, black humor, full of references - from classics to modern consumerism, but each series is perfectly designed and inventively made. If heroes of all 13 series rolled on the way, the spectator would risk to get bored (and, it would look banal, agree), but in such format which creators suggest us to get bored, it will not turn out at all desire. Each series already pulls on itself on separate history in the extensive universe where there are new villains, locations and subject sketches.

The film constantly throws itself from one genre direction to another, but as it turns out, only benefits from it. Chorror, psychological thriller, melodrama, western, action movie - all this in the "Blood Race" mixed so much that go and analyze, you'll go mad. But you don't need to analyze, in fact, it's not necessary to analyze. You have to enjoy it. Because such a thing is born very rarely.

Needless to say, this product can only be recommended with confidence to fans, connoisseurs and everyone who is morally and mentally prepared for such a thing. Otherwise, a person is expected to say: "What the hell is this?! However, the project can boast charismatic characters played by bright and memorable actors, and they may be of interest to you. Colin Cunningham, as Sling, tears up the mosque. Already from - for one of this lyceum - freak in flamboyant outfits would be worth spending on the film priceless time. When he appears in the frame, he manages to get lost and fade even the leading duo of young actors. However, everything is in order with them too. Everyone is in their place and doing their job. And Alan Richson with the appearance of a blonde (Barbie, as Grace calls him) in the image of the right cop, and Christine Ochoa in the role of a hot combat thing, both look convincingly and harmoniously. And if you add to these advantages not bad various soundtrack, plenty of action and motives of different degree of cruelty and frankness, diligent efforts of directors - to remove as well as possible for the minimum investments, the pleasure of watching is provided.

"Blood Race" is a nonexaggerated movie event in its niche and weight category. Bold stories, risky characters, a lot of dynamics, retro, punk and surrender in one bottle. Dashing, noisy, at the same time disgusting and charming, enchanting, charismatic and stylish something that looks backwards and leaves behind a lot of different impressions - from disgust to undisguised delight. It is madly pleasant to stumble upon such a movie, if you have been waiting for something like this for a long time. The show is perfectly filmed, filmed and played even for lack of huge funds and resources. Unfortunately, the obvious desire of the authors to continue the series is not destined to come true. The project is closed. But I hope very much that soon, the problems with financing will be solved, and the bloody race will return to the track. Such a promising and kosher project, made with taste, deserves the right to life.скачать dle 11.3
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Blood Drive
New episodes Original
Quality: HD
Year: 2017
Country:United States
Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi
Producer: David Straiton
Scenario: James Roland
Into the role:Alan Ritchson
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