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A wonderful fairy tale for adults and children from Disney. The center of the story is a fairytale kingdom many years later. The kingdom is ruled by Belle and the Beast King. Children of fairytale creatures study at royal college.

What is the fate of the fairy tale villains? They were driven to the island and surrounded by a magical wall. It is impossible for villains to get out of the island. Meanwhile, the fairy tale villains have grown up with children who live in captivity on the island, together with their parents and crave revenge.

For his sixteenth birthday, the prince, son of Belle and the Beast, Ben, asks for a chance to give the children of the fairy tale villains and bring them to their kingdom, as the children are not responsible for the actions of their parents ...

A fairy tale about fairytale heroes, which has been moved to our time. Unlike modern films of this genre, this film is not devoid of meaning, it has its own morals. The fairy tale is instructive for children of any age. The presentation of the material is given in a modern language understandable to children. Without moral teachings.

Popular, nowadays, the musical genre did not bypass the creators of the film. Therefore, we can enjoy not only acting, fairytale and modern entourage, interesting nontrivial costumes, but also, successful soundtracks, vocal and dance parts of the characters. This time it's a mix of genres - only for the benefit of the film and the feeling of watching it is inspiring.

Recommended for viewing, especially on a rainy autumn evening.
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Quality: HD
Year: 2015
Country:United States
Genre: Fantasy / Family
Producer: Kenny Ortega
Scenario: Josann McGibbon
Into the role:Josann McGibbon
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