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I'm not a fan of English detectives and stuff like that, I've never seen anything like it before, but maybe out of habit, but I liked this show, and how! The very idea of the show, this fine line in the legal profession, isn't this man, the defendant, sitting in front of you, innocent? And he was simply slanderous? And what if he is a real murderer, and then with his own hands the lawyer releases the "evil". Where is the truth? Where is justice?

A little plot. The main character, a lawyer with a good reputation, an old friend asked for help. He was accused of murder, but he swears he did not kill. Is it true? After all, William can protect his clients, if only absolutely certain of their innocence. He was once deceived by a client and paid dearly for it.

In general, the show liked its atmosphere. Finally, I saw some real, smug English people. Their real nature, weather, relationships. Most of today's English shows are the same as American shows, but there is something in this show ... Something real, English ...

Oh, and I also want to celebrate Joe Cole's game! Right pleased this kid from the suckers.

Look, you won't regret it.скачать dle 11.3
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Quality: HD
Year: 2011
Country:United Kingdom
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Producer: Colm McCarthy
Scenario: Anthony Horowitz
Into the role:James Purefoy, Charlie Creed-Miles, Sasha Behar
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