House, M.D.

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Everyone around here was going crazy on Dr. House. At the time, I didn't know how long I could get on the show. And then the show came on. "The Mentalist, Castle, White Collar, Sherlock were all like drugs to me. I love detectives. Especially when their main characters - charismatic, incredibly clever and talented men. Namely, these were the main characters of the above series. But to start watching "Dr. House", I did not even think about it. After all, I am sick of everything that is related to medicine. I can't even watch them give me a regular shot. But recently, my new drug has been Dr. House.

Gregory House... brilliant, rude, sharp, smart, talented, charismatic, unusual, lonely, with pain in the leg and sometimes a heart, with a sense of humor and a cane, and blue eyes make a control shot. I am attracted to such heroes. No bright personality, no for me and the series. So I gave up watching many shows after the first episode. Here immediately come to mind "Bones".

I read that the origins of the idea of "Dr. House" are taken from "Sherlock Holmes". House Holmes; Watson-Wilson (House's best friend, oncologist). House is as brilliant an analyst as Holmes. But in another sphere. And they live at the same address: 221 Baker Street. But cities, of course, are different.

An important component for me is the presence of a detective, some kind of tangled story, as in the same Sherlock, for example. And no pink snot as in the famous "Vampire Diaries". House has a detective. An investigation into the establishment of the disease, an investigation into the lives of heroes.

I still suffer even from the sight of injections. But I just turn away when it comes to such and more terrible operations. I can't judge the credibility of the series, the facts, the facts, nothing medical. I'm just curious to see the personality. House.

A few words about his team. I want to say here that they are so different, but still they are together. A narcissistic Australian, Chase, such a correct and compassionate Cameron, who wants (I think) to be just like House African-American Foreman.

His boss is Cuddy. I don't quite understand his character yet, but in the next episodes something will bring them together with House. It'll be interesting to watch... what? In the meantime, I've only been watching his other love, Stacy. A strong woman, a lawyer. That's how I see House's other half. Two strong personalities together is always interesting. And almost always tragically.

I recommend this series to everyone. After viewing there is a desire to become the same professional in their field. And not to become the same lonely.

All lie. Only one thing is for sure: "Dr. House" is a very good series about a brilliant man.скачать dle 11.3
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House, M.D.
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Quality: HD
Year: 2004-2012
Country:United States
Genre: Drama
Producer: Greg Yaitanes
Scenario: David Shore
Into the role:Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Lisa Edelstein
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