Game of Thrones

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The "Game of Thrones" can undoubtedly be considered the most fervent series of the 2010s. Even the laziest have heard of it at least at the edge of the ear. Everything that is so valuable in the mass culture of the new millennium is intertwined here: fantasy, knightly battles, dragons and a lot of scenes with sex. Curiously, the series tried to break into the leaders not only and not so much at the expense of all of the above, and show intrigues at the royal court. Actually, the name reflects the essence of the idea. What can we say about "Game of Thrones"?

There is an opinion that in each good work of art the emphasis should be on a successful start and on a successful conclusion. This, strange as it may seem, is the problem with the Game of Thrones. Too long and even boring beginning, which does not please even the erotic scenes, smoothly flows into the dramatic middle, and ends ... season 8 - it is an undoubted disgrace. A huge number of storylines ended up in a completely different way than we expected. It would seem that an unexpected turn is good, but only when it looks reliable. The final "Game of Thrones" cannot be called that. Actually, is it the final at all? Such uncertainty looks more like the end of one season, but not the whole series. For the end, the creators received a lot of hate-soaked accusations from fans, which is not surprising. And what's surprising is that the accusations concerned only the final.

The point is that "Game of Thrones" is clearly not a series that can be recommended to the mass audience. The main reason is the presence of repulsive and nasty scenes, whether it's eating raw meat in the frame close-up or caustic jokes about genitals. A real crown with a golden raspberry can be assigned to a scene in which manure splashes right in the face of the viewer from a horse. Such moments always happen unexpectedly and cause disgust. Does the show need them? Hardly.

It must be noticed that in the early seasons we are presented with too many boring details. You will learn what was the childhood of the bride of the northern king, which will last on the screen only a couple of episodes, as well as the tenth time "enjoy" the quarrel between Sersei and Sansa in the midst of the siege of the city of King's Landing, when, it would seem, the emphasis should have been on spectacularity. Neither do villains, who are too unattractive in the first three seasons. Many of them change in the future and no longer cause rejection, but at the stage of the series's inception, we repeatedly encounter cliches of "we're bad because we're bad". Finally, dragons. Replacing dragons with wyverns is the main scourge of Western fantasy of the 2010s.

However, the Game of Thrones is not so bad. Undoubtedly, all of the above leaves a heavy impression, but still more good in the series. While the beginning was a very stretched out and not causing much interest, the story line with the abandoned will of fate to the east of Deineris has always caused great interest. If the main events from the very beginning unfolded around it, the series would be a real bomb. But instead, most often the viewer has to see the vile faces of villains from the south or look at the adventures of Jon Snow - the character, the role of which is completely unsuccessfully selected actor. Keith Harrington, apparently, could not drive away the memories of the hamster who died in childhood. Other explanations of his eternally mournful face can not be found. It is good that the series has such a character as Tyrion Lannister. Except for Daenerys, it was he who became the seed of all the good that is in the series, which, of course, contributed to the circumstances of his difficult life. Dwarfs and in the real world sometimes suffer oppression.

You can scold the series for a long time for what he deprives the attention of fantastic giants and other northern monsters, bad treatment of Bran Stark, makes the audience squint from all the interesting things happening in pitch black, and strongly disappoint his finale, but there is an important advantage that he can not take away: "The Game of Thrones" is a story about how power is lost by those who under its influence have lost their honor and even family values do not put in anything. Even though there are many unnecessary moments in this series, the positive qualities are worth getting acquainted with.скачать dle 11.3
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Game of Thrones
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Year: 2011-2019
Country:United States, United Kingdom
Genre: Drama / Action / Fantasy
Producer: David Nutter
Scenario: David Benioff
Into the role:Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage
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