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You want to be a loser like me

Glee only won my love by playing actors. Actually, all the characters are written very flat, sometimes it seems even too exaggerated. And though during the first season, in each series heroes revealed new features of the character, or brought for themselves something new, the second season considerably "pumped up" in this plan, but about everything in order.

Perhaps the most charismatic person in this project is Sue Sylvester. The attitude to it changes in the viewer from series to series. It cannot be called a negative hero. Its main goal is to destroy the chorus. Or not? In general, Sue is a powerful woman, a tyrant, a coach of the school cheerleading team, a six-time champion of national competitions. She has nothing personal against the choir, it's just because of it she was deprived of part of her budget. And then it turned into personal dislike for Mr. Schuester and envy of his gorgeous hair, which gives rise to a lot of first-class jokes on her part. All she wants is what she deserves. How successful she is, it becomes clear when we see her home, full of awards of all kinds. And she really thinks that the choir is stealing from her. Sue is what makes the show so special, and in every episode you think, "What's going to happen this time? Again, he'll be throwing sticks, literally? Steal Christmas? Or will he shove the cheerleader into a huge cannon and shoot her through the football field? Who knows..."

Mr. Schuester is the organizer and director of the choir, and is a generally positive character, but I never liked him. He's extremely selfish, even cooler than Sue, has repeatedly lost his righteous path and put him in his place, none other than the one Sue mentioned above, for example in the "crazy hair" series.

Brittany S. Pierce is a girl who thinks the root of four is a rainbow. Despite the fact that she has the intelligence of a four-year-old, she slept with all the normal guys at school. Despite the fact that she is a minor character, in my opinion, the brightest chorister. Not in the sense of singing, but in the sense of importance in the show, without her he would have seemed much more boring. And her "blondeness" causes only a smile, not irritation, as in other shows.

The rest of the choristers are even boring at times: Quinn just thinks about becoming prom queen, Finn is chasing the popularity, Rachel's mania is great, Mercedes is fighting for solo roles with Rachel, Kurt is a gay boy looking for self-expression, and there are a few other people who can't be said much about. But they all love to sing, and that's why they're losers. And the only chance to gain respect is to win the national choir competitions. And to this they go together, hand in hand, sometimes quarreling and hating each other, but they all worry and help to reveal their feelings and emotions of the song.

Although I'm not a music lover myself, I couldn't pay attention to it. Very good songs in excellent performance. It makes me feel good at once.

As you noticed the review is still negative, but it's because of the obvious degradation of the subject line, even the introduction of new characters in the second season has not saved the situation, and if the writers do not correct it in the third season, I think to the fourth series will not survive. However, Sue Sylvester and good music pulled the series to:

7 out of 10скачать dle 11.3
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