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Netfilks makes cool food, they've proven it more than once. Especially if you have a favorite star that you want to see again and it appears underneath the netflix, it is definitely worth watching.

So I stumbled upon a TV series called The Glitter. I really liked the sound of Diane of Horse Bodgec, by the way, also from the netflix that Alison Bree made and I started to see who she was. I saw a couple of movies with her, but I didn't remember, and now I think she's worth a lot more attention. She clearly has a talent and is very, very cool. There aren't many girls who can really laugh, especially on the screen, and I didn't expect her to. Her Russian character from the Soviet Union seemed very funny to me, and she plays very well herself, but that's where the problems begin.

It seems like the writers are confused about who's who. Who's the main star, who's the secondary character, where to finish the scene, etc. I think they're afraid to give more time to the main character, and they pay attention to those who aren't worth it, and thus let the show sag. And very, very much so.

Secondary characters are not particularly memorable and they are not expected in the frame, and frankly, I want them to appear less and less, leaving room for "the main conflict". But the main conflict, not so massive to understand why keep watching this series? In fact, it can be abandoned if you do not have any minimum reason to look further.

Music is good, screen saver to be honestly screwed up, some wrestlers have great figures (a special juice from Betty Gilby), but you need more. Writers have not finalized this thing, someone did not give more emphasis to the main character and her situation, more motivation to act, to watch. So far I've watched 6 episodes of 10 and I'm going to keep looking, because this thing is worth the attention. At least because of Alison Bree and because of the spectacle that the girls in the costumes will be kneading each other with their stories at the end. And of course I advise you to watch it all in the original voice.скачать dle 11.3
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Quality: HD
Year: 2017
Country:United States
Genre: Drama / Comedy
Producer: Lynn Shelton
Scenario: Liz Flahive
Into the role:Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Britt Baron
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