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F A R G O.

"We're fed shit, day after day, boss, wife and so on. It kills us, and if you don't fight back, you won't show that you're still a beast deep down, that rush will wash you away.

Briefly and without spoilers.

The original version of the film was released in 1995. However, the series is not a remake of full-length tape. Literally from the first time I saw the promo to the series, I "lit up" this project. But I realized that I can not stretch the pleasure of watching the series periodically ... So, after a few months since the premiere, I have looked at once in almost one breath all the first season ... Undoubtedly, the series has fully justified my expectations! To be honest, he liked it even more than the original ... The fact that the development of the plot, the discovery of characters and maintaining tension in the atmosphere of history throughout the story - an incredibly difficult task for the full meter, and the implementation of the same requirements for the series, where each episode is a kind of film - the most difficult task. I can say for sure that the creators of "FARGO", along with other TV-maniacs like HBO and BBC, have clearly demonstrated that the new generation of serials are already able to squeeze out the full-length industry. It's as if your favorite movie lasted 250 hours, without letting you distract yourself from the screen for a minute!

"Your problem is that you've lived your whole life as if it had rules. And they are not.

The pros:

1. the cast. Thornton, Freeman and Tolman fit into history perfectly. By the way, Martin is very good at the role of losers.

2. Dialogues. They are great. Each word is weighted and said by the characters meaningfully, in the right place at the right time. Bravo, Noah Hawley!

3. cameraman's work. Beautiful. One pleasure to watch the image, the composition and the filling of the frame.

4. atmosphere. The series, of course, has depth. This is a real merit of the creators.

5. Sound. Is it possible to scold the film for the fact that at the time of the murder you have a funny, drumming music in your speakers? Of course not!

"I solved your riddle...


1. Many criticize the series for being too naive and implausible. Allow me! A good story is always distorted and full of speculation. And to get the most out of watching, you better believe the first credits of "THIS IS A TRUE STORY". This will work.

2. In one episode, the script does sag. At some point the picture falls apart a little bit, and even if you haven't seen the 1995 film, by the end you start to suspect "how it ends". But do not rush to put an end to it. You still will not be sure what will happen ... The effect of slight disappointment with me personally was caused by the first series of the season, where the level of the scenario is incredibly high, and to maintain it in the same quality is always the further away, the harder it is. But you can still be sure of the power of the finals.

And the last drop, a very personal opinion! The only pebble will fly to Martin Freeman's garden. In order to avoid spoilers I won't point out that I didn't like it, although it's possible that you won't notice anything. Unless I hint, don't look at any part of the Hobbit before FARGO. And just in case, no Sherlock.

The result:

FARGO series is worth watching if you are a fan of Cohen Brothers movies.

FARGO series is worth watching if you like to think and solve riddles.

FARGO is worth watching if you haven't seen it yet.

Enjoy watching!
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Quality: HD
Year: 2014
Country:United States
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Producer: Michael Uppendahl
Scenario: Monica Beletsky
Into the role:Martin Freeman
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