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Elementary... Watson?

I started to look at the series "Elementary" in two stages: the first one was still when he just came out - saw Sherlock and turned it off (this is despite the fact that I always liked Johnny Lee Miller as an actor), for the second time I decided to try it with boredom a couple of weeks ago.

Despite the fact that in the show all the names are taken from the source (well, almost all), even in some places flashed weak echoes of events - this is not Sherlock in principle. If an Air Force detective reminds him somehow, the American version has gone a mile further from the entire Sherlockade. If you take a closer look at it, Sherlock himself, performed by Johnny Lee Miller, is a different kind of person. He obviously has some strange things, he doesn't agree well with people, but in general he is kinder (though as a man who read Doyle I can say that the original Holmes was never actually a rascal) and less brilliant. American Sherlock is more like a pale copy of that Sherlock, as he could be in his youth. Watson is a separate story. Except for the last name and the fact that she is a doctor, she has nothing in common with Tem Watson. Lucy Liu, as an actress, I like it too, I have seen her in many films before, but Watson... But the most terrible change is Jamie Moriarty/Iran Adler! To put it mildly, I'm really fucked up here. I don't think that Natalie Dormer is suitable for this role at all: for Adler she's not very elegant and visible, for Moriarty she doesn't have a very manicured and clever look. And Mycroft? Honestly, he reminded me of a homeless man.

Despite all this incomprehensible mixture of the series can be considered as a separate unit. You can not attach importance to familiar names and some events and watch it cleanly, as such a light detective. But, by the way, for a detective in the series at times the make-up is disgusting simply. Corpses lie blush and "alive", as if out of the shower just came out.

And, and the main thing for "Sherlock" - deductive method here practically is not traced, unfortunately.
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