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The world through the eyes of a teenager trying to overcome addiction...

"Euphoria is a work by Sam Levinson, who brought some of his biography to the screen to tell us once again that drugs are evil...

Here's what you might think of the show at first glance,


After watching the show in its entirety, you realize that this film is primarily about people who become addicted (no matter what: drugs, love, attention to yourself).

It is difficult to talk about such a hard (emotionally) work: drugs, crime, sex and difficult destinies, which are the fault of the harmful environment, parents and classmates ...

An interesting detail that few people pay attention to: the story is narrated on behalf of the protagonist, so some romanticism is a feature of her nature, some facts can be exaggerated and underestimated.

The virtues of the series:

+ Style and soundtrack: scenery, light, shots - everything is aesthetically pleasing, watching and enjoying.

+Complex and interesting characters, all of them are antiheroes.

From the first series it seems that all of them are standardized: a popular guy, his girlfriend, who dreams only of money and expensive gifts, a beautiful girl who only enjoys her beauty, because there is nothing inside, a thick, complex girl, etc. But this is only the first impression! Next, we learn the history of all these guys and even begin to empathize with them. The trick of this series - the consideration of stereotypes from other angles.

+Many characters and stories, which allows the viewer to find someone with whom you can associate themselves. It's also nice that people of different orientations, sexes and races are not here for a tick, they are full-fledged heroes.

+ Actor's game. Zendea is really good, I would like her to get "Emmy", but I think Meryl Streep from "Big Little Lies" will not yield to her awards.

+ Interesting and important topics are touched upon in the series. The director tries not to keep silent about the real problems of American teenagers, he does not avoid the influence of the Internet, social networks, various currents (such as body-positive and feminism).

On the drawbacks: probably, people from outside the U.S., the series will not seem so realistic, because it reflects a purely American culture.

Also, the mood of the series jumps from series to series, and within them too (although in life everything is so).

Personally for me the series tells about the loss of meaning of life in its routine, about the betrayal of their dreams, themselves for the sake of immediate enjoyment and attempts to fit in with their surroundings, which is actually very similar to you in that all have their own problems and mental anguish ...

"Euphoria is a series about teenagers that will be interesting to teenagers themselves (because of their style and characters), but will be useful for watching and their parents to understand what's going on in their own children's heads.скачать dle 11.3
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Quality: HD
Year: 2019
Country:United States
Genre: Drama
Producer: Sam Levinson
Scenario: Ron Leshem
Into the role:Zendaya
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