Downton Abbey

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After the end of the viewing you suddenly begin to desperately struggle with the desire to hire a butler, the first and perhaps the second footman, you are surprised to find that for dinner for some reason it does not call a blow of the gong, you want to instruct someone to clean the family silver ... And then with sadness you realize that it is impossible to have neither the first, nor the second, nor the third, that the family silver for the beginning would be good to borrow ...

What if it's not a joke? Is it about footmen, is it about silver? Is it only in a beautiful fairy tale from the life of the high society?

We look around and are surprised to find that everything is temporary: clothes, watches, equipment, cars, houses! It seems that we are building not from straw or wood anymore to burn according to the old Russian tradition, but everything is equal - on one, maximum on two generations. With roads in general it is a shame: ancestors did not make paving stone yet, and we - already, at once - asphalt, but also disposable, or one-season. Houses, roads break down, deposits in banks burn down as when that wooden buildings, few people remember ancestors beyond the third knee. However, that at home, ancestors change almost every generation!

And here Downton, century-old fireplaces, butlers as lords, lords as kings.

And it turns out, we can not find stability in the interior and around, so even imaginary ... So that when you hear the gong, do not immediately think - not whether the fire bell, and some time to stay in the illusion that it is dinner.скачать dle 11.3
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Downton Abbey
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Quality: HD
Year: 2010-2016
Country:United Kingdom
Genre: Drama / Melodrama
Producer: Brian Percival
Scenario: Julian Fellowes
Into the role:Hugh Bonneville
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