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The quest for what is above the understanding and possibilities given in the life cycle is a truly destructive manifestation in a world that is already subject to the strength of existence every time. Man, however, in all his creativity, projects an equivalent destruction of the environment, thus showing the time of disaster, which is the lesson that knowledge, which is given, has the property of confrontation. The long-awaited TV adaptation "Chernobyl", not just one of the brightest series of our time, is a deserved memory of one of the most tragic moments in human history.

Thinking about Chernobyl in our time, of course, the most terrifying pictures of the past are born, the creators of the series managed to convey the atmosphere of horror, which opened its arms, suddenly absorbing the part of life that once originated there. The undoubted advantage of the series is the absolute lack of any alignment, there is no long playing the subject, there reigns irrevocable doom, which had to face a man, those who saw the face of death, albeit without first understanding its true face.

Chernobyl demonstrates without the smoothed subjectivity, to which leads the desire to squeeze in the hands of the beyond, and that the power, which is always defining in the multitude, is far from humanity, and the ignorance is always next to a man who tries to jump into the dark abyss.

Speaking about the visualization of the series, it is worth noting that the typical type of actor in the person of Jared Harris, who brilliantly played Captain Crozier in the series "Terror" and Dr. Ashford in "Abode of Evil 2", or Stellan Scarsgaard, who embodied Professor Selvig in the Torah, are so organic here, And of course, Adam Nagaitis, who has been lit up in Terror as well as the whole cast of the series is amazing, to add to this really great video, in which it is difficult to see the innovations of the modern film industry, which seems as if the movie was not filmed abroad, really magic, making you believe.

Chernobyl is a story about a distant... erased day... but, remaining in memory forever and every time, remembering the abandoned city, which exists today, those who once left their lives there as a payment for the madness of mankind and to this day leading to gradual extinction come to mind.скачать dle 11.3
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Quality: HD
Year: 2019
Country:United States
Genre: Drama / Historical
Producer: Johan Renck
Scenario: Craig Mazin
Into the role:Jared Harris
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