It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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Five years ago, Rob McElhanney, along with Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton, spent as much as two hundred dollars, most of which went on cassettes to the video camera to shoot a pilot series. After that, friends started sending it through various channels. FX was attracted by the idea, and the channel asked to retake the pilot with a more decent budget, moving the action from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. Then, few people could assume that in the following years, the series will find a loyal group of fans, will become one of the most rated programs channel, give birth to five seasons and not think to stop there.

Mac (McElhanney), Dennis (Howerton) and Charlie (Day) are co-owners of an Irish pub in the unreliable quarter of Philadelphia. The bar also has Deandra (Caitlin Olsen), Dennis' sister. Unlike most of these establishments, people do not set the main task of making profit. Frankly speaking, they have no goals at all. They opened the pub only to make it easier to pick up girls, but did not go far in this business. Each of them has its own giant cockroaches in the head: Dennis - a handsome man with unimaginable ego scale; Mac - the main mass-master with parents, which is better not to approach at a distance of a cannon shot; Charlie - a dude who is absolutely shifted on his head, doing all the dirty work, which others call "the work of Charlie". From the second season, the quartet was joined by Denny De Vito as Frank, the non-biological father of Dennis and Deandra, who likes to boast that he visited Vietnam, but forgets to add that he was there in the nineties, trying to earn money in an underground sewing shop.

In the early years of the series lived against the predictions of imminent death. The budget of the first season was miserable four hundred thousand, and after the ratings pumped up, the channel was thinking about closing down. But the authors managed to drag in his child De Vito, who agreed to take off, only because his children are fans of the series. And, perhaps, from the second season of the project has found its face.

The creators describe the show as "Seinfield on acid", which focuses on five narcissistic bastards for whom there is nothing sacred, and there is no moral value. Each series is built on the same principle - in the head of one of the characters is born a brilliant idea in its idiocy, from which all the others are trying to survive to the maximum. Thanks to this approach, the creators have time to laugh and, in most cases, to cynically laugh at everything they can: politics, economics, financial crisis, famous films, reality shows, social movements, advertising, history, fascists, love affairs, the judicial system, abortions, religion, weapons control, gambling, sporting events, and many more dozens of other topics that we discuss in everyday life.

Technically, the series is unlikely to offer anything, but the actor's work is respected. Often it may seem that the show is built on improvisation, although it is just the opposite. The actors are so integrated with their roles that it is now very difficult to imagine them in other roles. The chemistry between the characters, which is so necessary for any sitcom, is bubbling on a large scale. And the manner of shooting further enhances the effect of presence. And the whole series as a whole makes a pleasant impression of the family project, which was brought to the judgment of the audience: neither once nor twice it appeared in the secondary roles of either friends or relatives of actors or authors.

By now, five seasons have already appeared. Judging by the ratings, FX is unlikely to dare to close, because "Always sunny in Philadelphia" - one of those rare cases when with each subsequent episode of the series continues to increase the speed.скачать dle 11.3
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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Quality: HD
Year: 2005
Country:United States
Genre: Comedy
Producer: Matt Shakman
Scenario: Glenn Howerton
Into the role:Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney
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