Gravity Falls

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Gravity Falls phenomenon

One of the usual Disney shows about the adventures of two teenagers... who are watching not only children, but adults as well. So why does Gravity Falls have such a stunning success?

Firstly, the simple story about a mysterious abnormal place is presented with humor and a fair amount of sarcasm. Showing some other "monster" or just showing the standard situation of a pile of similar films, the creator of the series Alex Hirsch simultaneously mocks the stamps in the fantastic fairy-tale theme and the world around him. Take at least the first series, where Mabel meets a mysterious guy in a hood and falls in love with him. What's not Twilight? What about the boy bands the girls love? If you want to know what your favorite idols of the scene live, look at the series. Or the desire of Dipper to become a manly, which pursues many teenage boys, is also very well covered in "Gravity Falls".

Second, the characters are beautifully prescribed. The twins Pines Dipper and Mabel are the protagonists - Uncle Stan, who owns the Wonder Shack, Gideon, who wants to harm the hated Pines, and, of course, the main antagonist - one-eyed yellow triangle Bill Cypher - the demon of reason. Each hero has his own place, character and place in the plot.

Third, a memorable musical accompaniment. A simple melody of the screen saver is attached for a long time, and the soundtracks from the last series of the second season cause goosebumps.

Fourth, the riddles scattered throughout the series, and at the end of each series of inquisitive viewers waiting for an encrypted phrase. I did not solve it myself, but I admit that the idea to attract even more attention is brilliant.

The diary found by Dipper partially clarifies the situation, but it is only necessary to think: "Oh, I know how it will end!", as in the process it turns out that you know something, but still smile with delight that everything is presented so interestingly. The series is also liked by adults because it briefly returns to childhood, when the biggest problem for the hero was a free triangle with a cane and a cylinder.скачать dle 11.3
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Gravity Falls
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Quality: HD
Year: 2012
Country:United States
Genre: Comedy / Cartoon
Producer: Joe Pitt
Scenario: Alex Hirsch
Into the role:Jason Ritter, Alex Hirsch, Kristen Schaal
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