Derry Girls

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"Derry Girls is a British sitcom about the Irish Catholic area in the northern Irish city of Derry (Irish version) or Londonderry (British version). The place of action is a Catholic school for girls, the time of action is the beginning of the 90s.

The writer and creator of Derry Girls, Lisa McGee (McGee), is known for her similar series, The Irish in London 2015. There, the Northern Irish were among the British in London, here, the Catholic Irish were surrounded by Protestants: Northern Irish and British.

Irish history is full of tragic events and intractable national, religious and social problems. Many of these painful topics are covered in the series "Derry Girls". And humour in this regard is that saving, soothing and safe way to talk about important topics for Irish history and society.

Terrorism and sectarian confrontation between Catholics and Protestants, the conservative devotion of Catholics in the modern world, the attitude towards migrants, property stratification and low standard of living, intolerance towards Britons and non-traditionalities, and many other important topics for Northern Ireland touch upon the creators of the series. Humor helps to relieve tension and indirectly, not directly, to say what is painful.

Each of the characters represents a girl type, often found in high school girls in schools: a good-looking main character Erin Quinn, her cousin - a humble and quiet Eagle McCoole, their friend - shy and funny chatterbox Claire Devlin, and started the company - fictionalist and bully Michelle Mallon. In addition, her English cousin James was infantile and inert.

No less colorful and other characters of the sitcom. Michaela's sister, the headmaster, is a very lively and direct administrator, whose actions and attitude to what is happening are more of a joke by the authors of the series about the stereotypes of the Catholic school.

Among other residents of Derry, we will most often see Erin and Eagle's relatives. This is a very funny picture of family relationships involving Jerry's eternally justified father, his wife Marie, her narcissistic sister Sarah, and their father, Joe, Erin's grandfather and Eagles.

Derry Girls fits into the overall context of the youth series, but with its special Northern Irish character, as its inspirer Lisa McGee (McGee) presents memories of her youth, imbued with sincere sympathy and love for her hometown at the time.
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Derry Girls
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Quality: HD
Year: 2018
Country:United Kingdom
Genre: Comedy
Producer: Michael Lennox
Scenario: Lisa McGee
Into the role:Saoirse-Monica Jackson
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