2 Broke Girls

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Caroline Channing, something like a nice and intelligent version of Paris Hilton, after the scandalous bankruptcy and arrest of his father, the creator of another collapsed financial pyramid, clogs up in the wild corner of Brooklyn - a diner, where the Korean runt runs the chefs - sexually horny bearded Russian guy at the box office of an old Negro, taken directly from the film about the disco ghetto of the seventies, and the waitress works sarcastically-ironic Max.

Caroline is desperate, her bills are arrested, the mansion is sealed, and old high-society acquaintances don't want to know her - there's nothing left to do but start a new life with a new leaf, get a job as a waitress in the notorious diner and settle in with Max. And get used to the difficult life of "white trash" in Brooklyn's hipsters, freaks and geeks of all stripes.

"Two Girls" is a rare for our time bird - a classic sitcom with a laughing screen, shot almost entirely in the pavilions of the old canons of the genre. Actors, like balls, throw jokes at each other, fool around and play quite well. Caroline is responsible for the screams, screams and optimistic blondes, Max for the harsh sarcasm and irony of the Russian chef Oleg and his girlfriend Sophie have jokes "below the waist", and the role of experimental hamsters gets wading into the frame of passers-by hipsters, snobs of all colors, and sisters Kardashian, who seem to love the writers love the love of love. And also in the film there is a horse and cupcakes.

One should not expect from "Two Girls" the heights of "Friends" or originality of "Community". This is a normal, albeit not bad, sitcom, created to brighten up dull evenings. But in this and its charm - no one tries to work on you innovative experiments, does not scribble episodes under the next television award - on the screen everything goes about the rails laid half a century ago, clearly, cheerfully, absurdly. Not a bad choice for viewing.скачать dle 11.3
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2 Broke Girls
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Quality: HD
Year: 2011-2017
Country:United States
Genre: Comedy
Producer: Don Scardino
Scenario: Whitney Cummings
Into the role:Beth Behrs
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