Doom Patrol

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Superheroes are increasingly moving to the small screen. Not so long ago Warner made a move a horse, having started the stream-platform DC on which only had time to leave "Titans" as already there is a spin-off of the above-stated project under the name "Doom Patrol". Jeremy Carver ("Supernatural") was responsible for the adaptation. Jeff Jones and Greg Berlanty also had a hand.

The plot of the series focuses on quite strange in every sense meta-men, brought together by Dr. Niles Calder. The latter is suddenly kidnapped by a villain known as "Mr. Nobody". Now the most unusual and unprepared team of superheroes will have to show all their abilities to find their mentor and save the world.

Welcome to the Legion of the Strange, where the viewer will find the exact opposite vision of superheroes. They swear, they're weird, they don't know how to control their abilities, they're mentally unstable, selfish and not aesthetically pleasing. And they have a Cyborg. And, you know, the first two or three episodes of this R rating seem to be very positive, which is why "Fatal Patrol" looks like an absolutely black, illogical, cryptic spectacle, which seems to collect the entire encyclopedia of strange things from a talking cockroach - a preacher, along with a donkey, able to keep in the most unexpected place a whole dimension to the thinking street and a beard hunter. However, if in the first three episodes it was possible to trace the story sequence, the other episodes are switched to the struggle of the heroes with their own cockroaches in the head, turning the entire potential of the series into a rather uncomfortable and surrealistic spectacle, more like a session of psychotherapy for superiors, among which you will definitely find your own gay (oh, times, about morals). Yes, actually, and the characters are not quite healthy: A girl with many superheroes, a selfish Hollywood star from the slightest stress turning into a rubber shapeless dough, an iron statue in which the consciousness of the fattened Brendan Fraser was stuck, a disfigured gay military pilot, forced to share his body with an unknown negative essence and led by a freak circus member of the Justice League, Cyborg, who had failed at the time, and was not at the right time puzzled by questions of self-identification. It was a rather entertaining spectacle, but quickly stuck up thanks to the overwhelming majority of filleting episodes.скачать dle 11.3
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Doom Patrol
New episodes Original
Quality: HD
Year: 2019
Country:United States
Genre: Action / Adventure
Producer: Dermott Downs
Scenario: Jeremy Carver
Into the role:Diane Guerrero
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